Say Goodbye to cheap plastic gel packs!

Our Purpose

Nuzzle is a wellness ally helping to soothe and comfort women at every age and stage of breast and body health so you can thrive with pain-free confidence. Our products provide warming and cooling sensations in all the right places, helping you relax, recharge and recover.


The NuzzleHUG can even be worn around the waist to soothe lower back and pelvic pain, comfort cramps and relieve lower back discomfort.


Wearing the NuzzleHUG
felt so nice—like a spa for ‘the girls’!

Estrella, Portland, OR

This is Heaven!

Rosa Bazzani, Lactation Consultant, Miami, FL

I get sore a lot when pumping and I found these are they are an absolute lifesaver!

DW, Amazon 5-star Review

Excellent addition to any breastfeeding tool kit!

Stephanie, Boston, MA

Wonderful genius products! I wish I had these two kids ago.

Veteran Mom of 3

Nuzzle products allowed me to continue my goal of exclusively breastfeeding my twins.

Katie, Ohio Mom