Our Purpose

Nuzzle is a wellness ally helping to soothe and comfort women at every age and stage of breast and body health so you can thrive with pain-free confidence. Our products provide warming and cooling sensations in all the right places, helping you relax, recharge and recover.

Women-owned and operated.

Our Story

It all began with the birth of my first son. I struggled with lactation discomfort from engorgement, clogged milk ducts, mastitis, and neck tension–you name it. Traditional warm and cold therapies were messy, awkward, unsightly, and uncomfortable.

With my determination to breastfeed and desire for simplicity and convenience, I invented, developed, and patented a line of easy-to-use, microwaveable and freezable thermal therapy solutions. What's unique about Nuzzle products is that they are easily worn OVER your clothes by attaching to your bra straps–no need to stuff your bra or put cheap plastic gel packs against sensitive skin.

Not just for new moms

In addition to nursing mothers, Nuzzle products expanded to help women at any stage of breast and body health. People experiencing endometriosis discomfort, PMS, Raynaud's disease, breast cancer, reconstructive surgery, or even top surgery can benefit from warm and cool therapy to soothe pain and help reduce inflammation.

Why it matters

We take self-care seriously and want every woman to take a healing moment for herself every day. Calming and soothing the body can help calm and soothe the mind. And when in extreme pain or discomfort, it's a challenge to do anything, let alone take care of other family members. Our goal is to focus on you, so you can rebound with pain-free confidence and focus on the things that matter most.

We offer solutions that put thermal therapy in all the right places with ease and convenience. From those annoying PMS cramps to lactation discomfort to hot flashes, Nuzzle products encourage mini-spa, self-care moments–something all women should exercise but rarely make time for.

We believe everyone deserves to Nuzzle up with soothing comfort–every day!

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