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The only hands-free breast, neck, and body therapy system. The NuzzleHUG comes fully assembled with 2 breast and 1 neck NuzzlePODs. The neckband length is adjustable for a custom fit both upper body and lower torso.

SMALL fits A-C cups and fits waist size 24”-36”
LARGE fits D-H cups and fits waist size 28”-41”

More Details

  • microwaveable
  • freezable
  • multi-use & wear options

NuzzleHUG details and instructions:


All-in-one breast, neck & body therapy

Microwaveable and freezable breast and body therapy without all the fuss.


  • Feel it through your clothes - no more stuffing your bra with gel packs
  • Earth-friendly, plastic-free natural product filled with rice
  • Hands-free solution gives you freedom to go about your day
  • Adjustable length provides just the right fit
  • Versatile to wear either upper body or lower body
  • Award-winning innovative design by a breastfeeding mom
  • Appreciated by the boobs of busy moms, adored by lactation consultants

Microwaveable Warm Therapy

Upper body

  • Relieve neck tension
  • Encourage let-down
  • Help increase milk flow
  • Maintain open milk ducts
  • Aid in healing mastitis

Lower body

  • Comfort pelvic cramps
  • Relieve lower back tension

Freezable Cold Therapy for Breastfeeding

Upper body

  • Reduce engorgement swelling
  • Soothe tenderness between feedings
  • Aid in weaning

Lower body

  • Soothe lower back pain
  • Reduce pelvic inflammation

Which size is the best fit?

The NuzzleHUG® is currently offered in two sizes.

The Small fits cup sizes A-C with a diameter coverage of 8” per breast.
The Large fits cup sizes D-G with a diameter coverage of 11” per breast.

Small for cup sizes A-C
(think dessert plate)

Small 8.5inches or 22cm | Large 11 inches or 28cm

Large for cup sizes D-G
(think dinner plate)

Adjustable for just the right fit

Over 21” of adjustable neck length. To adjust, button each circle pocket to button-hole setting on the neck band, allowing each circle pocket to be centered over nipples.

Adjustable neck length

Adjustable height for chest and breast therapy

How to heat and cool


Consult a physician or lactation professional before use if medical conditions exist. Continuous low heat on one area can burn you. Shift position of the product while in use. People with diabetes, circulatory diseases, or decreased skin sensitivity should seek medical advice before using.

Microwaveable Warm Therapy

Heating Instructions

CAUTION - Microwaves vary in power. Find the watt output of your microwave (typically found on the the inside door or back of unit) Refer to heating chart below and match to your microwave's wattage.

If your microwave is dirty with food the NuzzleHUG wil absorb these odors.

STEP 1: Microwaves require moisture to heat objects - Place a 1/2 filled mug of water in the microwave with the product.

STEP 2: Fold so circle pockets are laying flat on top of each other and wrap the neck band around them.

STEP 3: Set on clean microwave-safe plate.

STEP 4: Refer to suggested heating times based on your microwave wattage and product you are heating. If additional heat is required, heat in 10 second increments until desired warmth is achieved.


Suggested heating time for microwaving full NuzzleHUG - minutes:seconds

700 Watts
initial heat - total max
1000 Watts
initial heat - total max
1250 Watts
initial heat - total max
Small NuzzleHUG 1:35 - 1:55 :55 - 1:15 :50 - 1:00
Large NuzzleHUG 2:00 - 2:30 1:25 - 1:55 1:00 - 1:20
Freezable Cold Therapy for Breastfeeding

Cooling Instructions

STEP 1: Place into sealable freezer bag and seal closed.

STEP 2: Store in freezer for 3 hours or overnight.

If placed in a freezer without a sealed plastic bag, the NuzzleHUG will obsorb freezer odors.

Cleaning & Care

about cleaning / storage here.

Wear it your way

There are so many ways to Nuzzle up!

Upper Body
for nursing discomfort and neck tension

Lower torso
for pelvic cramps and lower back pain

Cross Body / Over one shoulder
for deeply clogged ducts / while nursing


This a game changer for breastfeeding moms!

Jennifer, Mom of three

My boobs never felt better ;)


I initially got these for engorgement and then used them warm for milk flow - and WOW!

First time Mom

Nuzzle Up